Exerciser 2000 Elite
Clark Machines
BioMat Far Infrared
Q2 Energy Spa
Water Purification
Air Purification


Unique Innovation in Bio Technology
Consists of 17 layers




Queen: 35.43" x 77.81"
Single: 35.43" x 77.81"
Professional: 28" x 78"

  Net Weight

Queen: 52 lbs without Controller
Single: 34 lbs without Controller
Professional: 30 lbs without Controller

  Green Jade Powder Queen: 28 lbs. / Single 18 lbs.  
  Timer Control 1 hours / 2 hours / 4 hours / 8 hours  
  Infrared Rays 95 - 158 degrees Fahrenheit  
  Infrared Rays Length Absorptive 8-14 Micron Max (5.5 - 6 inches)  
  Negative Ions 1% - 15% Max Density  
  EMI Blocks Harmful Electromagnetic Waves  
  FDA: Medical Device Listing B064498.
Medical Device Establishment 2954299
Improves Blood Circulation, Reduces Arthritis Pain, Relieves Stress / Expels Toxins, Increases Joint Flexibility  
  UL Listed E203622  
  Power Consumption 330 W  
  Neg Ion Net Power -450Vp-p  
  Warranty 1 Year Parts, Labor, and return shipping  

FDA Registered

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New Amethyst Massage Table Size: $1,450.00

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The Exerciser 2000 MultiSpeed Elite is the most advanced Passive Aerobic Exerciser on the market today.

Experience the Q2
The complex energy fields of
the Q2 B.E.F.E. Water Energy System can rebalance and realign your body's energy field. This is the Original from Australia.

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